Bernadette Martin

Visibility Branding

Brand Strategist, e-Reputation Analyst, Speaker and Author


The Impact of Storytelling and Personal Branding for Project Managers

This interactive workshop explores storytelling as an “art” that can be developed to delight, engage, compel, persuade, and influence stakeholders.  Stories are a powerful form of communication and are used by Corporations, Non-Profits and Personal Brands. 

Bernadette Martin, personal brand strategist and author of "Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline" will focus on how you, as a professional and project manager, can develop the “art” of storytelling to strengthen your personal brand and  to communicate project stories across online & offline platforms. More specifically, addressed will be tips on how to craft your “Story” or Bio …what to say, where to use it and how to write storied content and narratives around your accomplishments (projects), key attributes, emotional intelligence, IQ and leadership skills.  Participants will be “gifted” my eBook Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline”

Professional experience

Bernadette Martin, founder of Visibility Branding, is a brand strategist, e-reputation analyst, speaker and author of "Storytelling about your Brand Online & Offline". A storytelling evangelist, she offers career development services for individuals (professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs), corporations, universities and associations. She has presented many times at PMI events in Paris, Brussels, Sophie Antiopolis, and Luxembourg. Post MBA she embarked on a 20+ year career working in various aspects of corporate and “personal” brand management in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. In addition to designing courses on personal branding, she certifies coaches and HR professionals in her signature Bio Writing methodology. She is a certified Personal Brand Strategist and Social Media Analyst.