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Ana-Maria Dogaru


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Servant Leadership - Creating a Circle of Safety for the Team Inside Your Project 

Servant leadership is the only approach in the leadership field addressing two critical dimensions:

  • Service to others and to own self.
  • Growth for both the leader and the followers.

The project manager, by applying all the 10 characteristics of a Servant Leader, can
create a Circle of Safety in the project, protecting the team from the outside pressure
and bringing:

  • Greater work performance,
  • Professional and personal development and
  • Higher commitment for the project and its objectives/results.

Servant leadership is more than a style of leadership. It is a different way of thinking
about the purpose of leadership, the true role of a leader and the potential of those being
led. It contributes decisively in making the project environment a safer place (pushing
back stress and pressure) thus nurturing team performance and favouring project

Main Speaker: Catalin-Teodor Dogaru

Professional experience

Catalin-Teodor Dogaru, MBA, PhD, PMP, is a trainer, consultant and managing partner at TSP (  He is an enthusiast of project, process and program management, promoting Servant Leadership in both professional and personal life.  LIMC Alumni, MBA and PMP certified, Catalin managed international projects (in Europe, Middle East and Africa), offering, at the same time, dedicated learning sessions that helped growing the project management community.  He was President of PMI Romania Chapter and, currently, he volunteers with Project Management Without Borders association (he is Directory of Technology at PMWB).  His games, sense of humor, engagement and tenacity are just a few of the elements contributing to the delivery of successful trainings, workshops and presentations, to which participants are always willing to return.

Facilitator: Ana-Maria Dogaru

Professional experience

Ana-Maria Dogaru, PMP is a trainer, consultant and business development manager at TSP (  She is an enthusiast of project and process management, dedicated Agile practitioner and a firm believer in Servant Leadership approach for both professional and personal life.  

Ana-Maria didn’t choose, initially, the project manager's profession.  And this attitude stuck until she learned the secret. And in each training session delivered, she has a new revelation, confirming the secret and truly making the learning process a two-way interaction. What is the secret, you ask?
Project management is common sense! Now, you too know the secret.