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Turquoise leader, mentor and business trainer

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What Colour is Your Leadership? 

There will always be projects, but project management’s roles will be different. Nowadays all strategic changes happen through projects and programmes. Therefore to manage projects is not enough, we need to lead the change in the organization and projects and programmes become just a tool to do so. Creating lasting and effective change means recognising and working with values. But where do values come from? Values spring from worldviews. To effectively work with values means understanding worldviews. How people think, and why people adopt the values they do. During the session we will explore Spiral Dynamics, a psychological approach to understanding systems of thinking held by individuals, organisations and societies. Insight into the ways of thinking will help a Project Leader with a range of areas, including but not limited to leadership,conflict management, organisational change, communication, working with diverse communities and cultural transformation.

Professional experience

Malgorzata is project management expert, AgilePMO Founder/CEO, certified Project Manager (PMP® PRINCE2®, turquoise leader, mentor, business trainer, MBA lecturer and speaker worldwide.

Malgorzata has 16 years of experience of managing projects and leading multicultural high performance teams in Europe, America and Asia. She has also a few years of experience in implementing project management frameworks, optimizing processes and managing PMO, where she combines Agile with traditional approaches. She is the author of innovative business solutions and training programmes, including the first Transition Manager Academy. In her free time she writes an inspiring blog and works as a volunteer for Project Management Institute (PMI). She is known for her practical solutions based on her experience from global projects across multiply industries. Like Michael Jordan, Malgorzata believes that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”.