Tsvetelin Minchev

UniCredit Bulbank

Head of Organization Department

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Best practice and best failure sharing, or how to share good and bad? 

Organizations are built on success. And success is worth sharing. 

Best practice is an achievement that is performed in a superior way. But how to identify, compare and acknowledge such significant practices? What is the most effective way to share the best examples across the organization, learn from them and gain even further benefits?

Success goes hand in hand with failureFailure is an internal practice which is completely unsuccessful, but also offers learning opportunities, while mistake is a repeated failure. We should not encourage failure. We should celebrate learning from it though. And we should certainly try to avoid mistakes.

How to encourage people in the organization to be bold to share their and other people’s failures openly and learn from them?

In my presentation I will share with you the journey we had in “Best practices and Best failure sharing” challenge that UniCredit initiated,  in order to: 

  • Promote the culture of cross divisional learning
  • Leverage  on the existing knowledge and diverse experience 
  • Intensify  the communication and collaboration
  • Inspire culture of continuous change and development through learning from failures

Discover how we did it, what the reactions of the people were, what cultural challenges we faced and what we learned out of it. 

Professional experience

Tsvetelin Minchev is Head of Organization Department and First Vicepresident in UniCredit Bulbank, Bulgaria. He has more than 12 years experience in the banking sector in various areas, including Retail business, Asset and Project finance, Leasing. He is involved in strategy execution, being responsible for project and project portfolio management, process re-engineering, Lean six sigma continuous improvement and organizational development of the bank. He has been managing numerous initiatives including strategic, IT, business intelligence, customer experience and other transformational projects, many of them awarded in the area of innovation and excellence. His professional passion is business innovation, people motivation and leadership.


  • Master degree in Accounting and Control - University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Master degree in Statistics - University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Master degree in Corporate and Investment banking - SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy
  • Certificate for Digital Disruption Program - IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland